Points to Remember in Using Adobe Stock Photos

Experts in web design always reiterates the importance of great content in attracting and retaining visitors. Part of the discussion are both text and visual components of a website. In some cases, designers use their own photos to convey their message. However, this is not always possible. This is when the vast libraries of stock photo agencies, such as Adobe Stock, becomes an enticing solution.

adobe free image

There are countless images out there in the Internet, but some of them entail legal risks. To save yourself from both legal and financial damages, you should get your visual content from stock photo agencies. While the rules surrounding stock photos are straightforward, there are certain rules you need to adhere to. Each stock agency has varied requirements on the use of their images.

adobe stock You need to make sure that you read and understand the terms and conditions.

  • You can purchase Adobe Stock photos as a single asset or as a multiple asset subscription. There are various subscription packages that you can choose from.
  • You do not need a Creative Cloud account to use Adobe Stock. The stock photo agency is a stand-alone website, which means you can download content as long as you have an Adobe ID. The ID can be created for free.
  • Creative Cloud members, on the other hand, enjoy various benefits. These include discounts on subscriptions and a seamless integration within their favorite CC desktop software.
  • You do not have to purchase an image to try it out. You can use the low resolution version for free to see if it fits your design and message. You can purchase the high resolution version when you decide to license the asset.
  • All Adobe Stock photos are provided in the highest resolution available. Although the resolution depends on the camera used, the photos can accommodate high quality printed output of up to 300 dpi.
  • All assets can be used in any creative project, including brochures, posters, presentations, book covers and other print materials as long as you adhere to the website’s terms of use.
  • When you license the image, the watermark goes away and you will receive the image in high resolution. If you are using a Creative Cloud software, it comes off automatically – saving you a couple hours of rework.
  • You can edit the Adobe Stock photos in any way you think is necessary. Just make sure that you are not breaking any infringe and intellectual property laws, or any other rights of a person or entity.

There are many other points to remember when using Adobe Stock as your primary image source. But, if you adhere to all of them, you will not have any problems. With over 45 million images in its library, you will surely find something that suits your creative needs.