Get iStock Promo Code and Enjoys Loads of Downloads

With over millions of images, illustrations, vectors, videos and audio clips, iStock has everything you need for your creative projects. It is available in Standard and Extended License, allowing you to choose a license the best suits your needs. It also offers single purchases with credits and subscription plans to cater to everyone’s creative needs and budget. In short, iStock is your number one go-to stock photo agency.

What is the difference between Standard and Extended License?

Standard and Extended Licenses differ in a number of things. While all iStock files have Standard License, not all Extended License are available for subscription downloads. Here are other differences between the two:

  • Standard License is allowed for up to 499,999 impressions of advertisements on print materials, while Extended License offers unlimited reproduction required for more than 500,000 impressions.
  • The former is required for web advertisements but the latter is not.
  • Standard is allowed for up to 499,999 impressions for printed promotional projects, while Extended has unlimited run required for 500,000 and more impressions.
  • Standard can be used in corporate film and video presentations.
  • Extended can be used in 500,000 or more DVDs, editorial purposes, book covers and prints but Standard can be used in less than that.

There are a lot other differences between these two. However, they do have some similarities you need to be aware of. Both licenses are not allowed to be used for online print-on-demand projects, logos or trademarks, pornographic or libelous work, personal endorsement by model, sensitive materials, and give-aways.

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